Saturday, August 29, 2015

Amritsar - Old City

This morning we went for a walk through the narrow alleys of old Amritsar near the Golden Temple.
While I've been through even narrower alleys, Amritsar's are typical of old Indian cities.
Old tries to accommodate new and makes a spider web of electrical wires.
There was an amazing volume coming out of this loudspeaker.
These houses surrounded a large square that once was a large well with space for horses. This area is now for modern horses -- that is, a parking lot.
Trees attempt to grow in surprising places.
This intersection is known as Jalebi-wala Chowk for the shop that has been selling jalebis here for over 100 years. They were excellent -- fresh, hot, sweet, and crisp. Yum!
A lot of jewelry is sold in shops around the temple. There are also shops where you can have it assayed for purity.
Rat traps for sale.
Our last stop was the Jallienwala Bagh -- the site of a particularly vicious massacre of civilians by the British in 1919.
The only entrance to the Bagh was through this narrow passage, so the British troops were able to keep anyone from escaping their gunfire.

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