Friday, August 28, 2015

Camera Magic

I've been fooling around with photography since high school. We even have a Bessler 23C enlarger mildewing in the basement that I just can't bring myself to get rid of. It was last dusted off for the Boy Scout photography merit badge nearly 20 years ago.
I go back to hand-held light meters -- I know my way around f-stops, exposure times, and Kodachrome 64. (I chose the "fast" film over the standard, Kodachrome 32!) My first SLR, a college graduation present from my parents, was a Pentax Spotmatic -- the very first camera to have through-the-lens light metering. You still had to set everything manually, but you didn't have to carry a separate light meter. Of course, now the camera needed a battery, although only to run the light meter.
Yesterday I had plenty of time on my hands while Lon was working at the WestRock Powai office. Among the things I figured out how to do was transfer photos from my camera to my iPad via Wifi. That also meant digging through the camera manuals. It pays to peruse the camera manuals from time to time. (Thank you, Chuck Almarez, for making your photography classes dig through camera docs!) I came across this cool setting on my current DSLR (a Canon Rebel T4i) -- the "hand-held night" setting. This setting takes a burst of 4 images, then merges them into one spectacularly exposed photo.
Powai at night
Shops in the Galleria mall
More shops
Apartment building behind the mall
The bottom three photos have been cropped, but there has been no exposure or color adjustments. Pure digital magic as far as I'm concerned.

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