Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kids & Birds

In Vapi this week.

First up, children:

These swings appeared a few weeks ago. They are made from bicycle tires tied in two trees along the road. Yesterday, three children were enjoying them.
I've been visiting Sr KG classrooms this week.
The lesson was "backwards numbers" -- counting down from 50.
On to the birds:

Lately, two roosters have been occupying this 2-meter-high wall. Today one was walking the wall, while the other was scratching in the dirt below.
This is one of a series of drainage holes in the wall of the underpass under NH8. Mynas like to hang out here, but I wasn't sure whether they used these holes as nests, or just as convenient stop-over places. Right now, several of the holes are occupied by chicks, so I guess nest holes it is.


  1. liked all your captures of life in Gujarat.stumbled on your blog by way of that photo of 'Chick in a hole in the wall.'it clearly shows how much joy you have squeezed from your trip to Gujarat!On highway near Kalol which is 25 km north of ahmedabad,there is an underpass where each and every hole has its bird(Myna).Perhaps you might have seen that.

    1. I have indeed seen underpass drainage holes filled with nesting mynas! Thanks for your comment.