Saturday, August 1, 2015

Powai (Mumbai)

I spent two days in Powai last week, while Lon had meetings at the WestRock (formerly MWV, formerly Ruby Macons) offices that recently relocated there. Powai is an up-scale, modern neighborhood in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. It is among the most "western" of the places I've been in Mumbai.

Powai has lots of small green spaces and gardens. I liked this sculpture -- temporarily turned two-tone by the monsoon rains.
It seems like all of India is under construction. This waterfall is created by pumping out a construction site. While the pump did not run continuously, it did run most of the day.
Some "ruins" in India aren't very old. It doesn't take long for "jungle" (Hindi for "forest") to start reclaiming abandoned construction sites.
Just before sunset I was treated to a rainbow visible from our hotel room.

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  1. :))
    interesting mini post. you wrote my mind by saying almost all of India is under construction!
    hopefully in 15-20 years it would be more closer to the US in terms of development.

    How difficult is life in Gujarat?